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The religious beliefs of cavemen [Jun. 21st, 2007|09:41 pm]
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Existing long before the days of organized religions, it was most likely cavemen did not worship anything. The concept of ‘worship’ is something organized religions invented as scheming men began to exploit the mystery. Exactly when organized religions (polytheism) began to appear is unknown but they existed at least as far back as the Egyptian dynasties, or about 7,000 years ago. Cavemen were therefore pagans but being a pagan does not necessarily mean being an atheist; it simply means having beliefs outside of church doctrine. Early man would have never seen the need to worship anything, neither idols or gods... it is not a natural tendency. It is only natural to be in awe of the mysteries.

The most significant difference between cavemen and modern man would be their level of spirituality. Cavemen had a special relationship with nature, one which had spiritual meanings… much as nature meant to the American Indians. Cavemen expressed themselves with a primitive and natural curiosity about life and having no scientific explanations, they were surely captivated. It was a time of wonder and awe... of thoughts uncorrupted by organized religions or despoiled by scientific explanations.

It goes beyond that however; it goes beyond a reverence for nature. It amounted to actually interacting with nature in a spiritual way. The caveman’s senses were keen to this; he could hear the spirit world and could communicate spiritually on a regular basis. Their harsh circumstances were ideal for this to occur and a phenomenon few modern men can comprehend or would believe. Guidance and blessings were often sought and miracles were undoubtedly more commonplace.

Therefore, we should honor these cavemen instead of holding them in low esteem, as if inferior. They were by no means inferior. People might also have visualized cavemen as being brutish and ugly. Why? Because they’ve always been depicted that way? The young didn’t look any different than the young of today, with an equal proportion of handsome men and pretty women. This must be true... otherwise these pleasing-to-the-eye features wouldn't exist today. We tend to forget... everything we are today we inherited, and why the differences between cavemen and modern man are negligible.

Source: http://www.matrixbookstore.biz/cavemen.htm


[User Picture]From: nova_42
2007-06-22 04:17 am (UTC)
that's kinda cool, i don't really get the last paragraph though. I was under the impression that evolution and natural selection not only play a part in physical attributes but social and psychological as well.

"The young didn’t look any different than the young of today, with an equal proportion of handsome men and pretty women. This must be true... otherwise these pleasing-to-the-eye features wouldn't exist today."

I believe this to be absolutely false. It would make sense that given the passage of time there would be some noticeable difference in the general appearance of our species as the less attractive are not able to procreate. As a result the "inherited" more "pleasing-to-the-eye features" would be more prevalent.

This last paragraph really shows the person (A.O. Kime) who wrote the article has no idea how evolution works, and should not be commenting on it or related matters.

I found this most disturbing. From another section of the website:

"While the theory of evolution has been the accepted reality for the scientific community for the past 150 years, almost unanimously… it still cannot account for the phenomenal designs, the complexity of organs, and that each species is so perfectly suited."

HUH?!?! that each species is so perfectly suited is in itself evidence of evolution.
I am certainly NOT an atheist, i just think of evolution as a finely calibrated screw driver in God's tool box...ok maybe a power-screwdriver. what i don't get is why its so hard for the "religious right" to understand this. It may be science but its not rocket science
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[User Picture]From: retrofire
2007-06-22 05:22 am (UTC)
You're right. I didn't bother looking into the writer. I am fascinated by prehistoric people and try to imagine what their lives were like. Surely they had the same basic needs as we do today and they created societies, working together to supply the basic needs. I agree that organized religion was introduced as a way to control people - a way to easily manipulate vast groups for the purpose of expanding power. Even if you don't believe that religion started out that way, surely you must admit that religion has been twisted and perverted and used to manipulate people to gain power by evil men throughout history and this is clearly true today - we have our faces pushed in it every day.

About evolution, there was a wonderful article and its essential premise was:

"The advocates of intelligent design are simply wrong when they say that ordered complexity cannot occur by accident."


I don't know where that article is but it was brilliant and a bit mind stretching. I think the article was by Stephen Wolfram, writer of the book, "A New Kind of Science" and founder of the software company, Mathematica.

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[User Picture]From: nova_42
2007-06-22 10:28 pm (UTC)

on religion

i wouldn't say that religion was created to manipulate people, but i would say that corupt or just plain stupid people have manipulated religion for a variety of purposes, many of them devious.
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[User Picture]From: retrofire
2007-06-23 02:19 am (UTC)

Re: on religion

I think everyone is entitled to spirituality. Spirituality can be so many things. And if that spirituality means all different kinds of people respecting each other and acting for the common good, then I feel very good about it. But if any single religion says it is the true and only way then it is a lie. A statement like that elevates the religion in question above the others. Kinda like MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. Screw that. I have no patience for it. That exact thing is a manifestation of human failing and it's inherent in religion.

To me that is a real dilemma and is why I like being independent.

Did people create religion or did God create religion?

I think people created religion and thus it clearly reflects every human flaw.
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